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                  RADIANCE HLDGS 9993
                  Listed on the Main Board of the
                  Hong Kong Stock Exchange
                  52 Week Highest / HK$
                  52 Week Lowest / HK$
                  Tx Vol / 10k
                  Tx Amt / 10k HK$
                  By 10/12/2023 16:12
                  Quote delayed at least 15 minutes.
                  Data:ET Net Limited. | Disclaimer
                  Executive Directors
                  Mr. Lam Ting Keung (Chairman)
                  Mr. Lam Yu
                  Mr. Huang Junquan
                  Mr. Xu Xiaodong
                  Independent non-executive Directors
                  Mr. Zhang Huaqiao
                  Mr. Tse Yat Hong
                  Mr. Chung Chong Sun
                  Audit committee
                  Mr. Chung Chong Sun (Chairman)
                  Mr. Zhang Huaqiao
                  Mr. Tse Yat Hong
                  Remuneration committee
                  Mr. Zhang Huaqiao (Chairman)
                  Mr. Tse Yat Hong
                  Mr. Lam Yu
                  Nomination committee
                  Mr. Lam Ting Keung (Chairman)
                  Mr. Zhang Huaqiao
                  Mr. Chung Chong Sun
                  Company secretary
                  Ms. Kwok Yan Ting Jennis
                  Authorized representatives
                  Mr. Xu Xiaodong
                  Ms. Kwok Yan Ting Jennis
                  Principal banks
                  Agricultural Bank of China
                  Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
                  Bank of China
                  China Construction Bank
                  China Minsheng Bank
                  China Merchants Bank
                  China Everbright Bank
                  China Guangfa Bank
                  Industrial Bank
                  Auditor and reporting accountant
                  Ernst & Young
                  Registered office
                  PO Box 309, Ugland House Grand Cayman, KY1-1104 Cayman Islands
                  Principal place of business and headquarters in the PRC
                  42/F, Radiance Plaza, Qiyang Road, Wangjing, Chaoyang District, Beijing, PRC
                  Principal place of business in Hong Kong
                  Unit 6709, 67/F, The Center, 99 Queen’s Road Central Central, Hong Kong
                  Principal share registrar and transfer office in Cayman Islands
                  Tricor Services (Cayman Islands) Limited
                  Third Floor, Century Yard
                  Cricket Square, P.O. Box 902
                  Grand Cayman, KY1-1103
                  Cayman Islands
                  Hong Kong Share Registrar
                  Tricor Investor Services Limited
                  17/F, Far East Finance Centre
                  16 Harcourt Road
                  Hong Kong
                  Company’s website
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